Travel bags for jewelry

Those who love jewels always carry them with them, even on the occasion of travel and business trips. But great attention must be paid because jewels must be kept and protected. That's why accessories such as jewelry pouches and jewellery organizer are available and perfect for this need.

Without forgetting that the jewelry wallet is perfect not only for long journeys but also for storing the jewels that you want to carry with you in your handbag and which risk getting damaged or scratched if they are not protected by a functional and eclectic accessory such as the jewelry box.

In our range you can find many models of large jewelry boxes and jewelry boxes to make the choice closest to your customer's needs.

There are tree collections of travel jewelry boxes:

All item of travel jewellery pouch can be customized with your logo.

Jewelry travel bag

Rolls for jewelry


The jewelry rolls of the Montecarlo line are the best objects to keep your jewels. The exterior of embossed imitation leather or flocked fabric is impact resistant and the internal part in flocked fabric further protects your jewels by avoiding scratches and bumps: the best combination to resist over time and protect gently. Folded in a roll and closed with velcro or lace.


Jewelry travel bag


Montecarlo travel jewelry roll more 27x21

€ 38.50

Pack 3 pieces

€ 115.50 excluding VAT

Montecarlo travel jewelry roll lady 28x30

€ 45.00

Pack 3 pieces

€ 135.00 excluding VAT

Montecarlo travel jewelry roll love 36x20

€ 95.00

Pack 3 pieces

€ 285.00 excluding VAT

Montecarlo travel jewelry roll trip 37x30

€ 82.00

Pack 3 pieces

€ 246.00 excluding VAT

Montecarlo travel jewelry roll copi 27x21

€ 29.50

Pack 3 pieces

€ 88.50 excluding VAT

Montecarlo travel jewelry roll andy 27x21

€ 37.00

Pack 3 pieces

€ 111.00 excluding VAT