Jewelry display

The jewelry point of sale is a very important element. When it comes to display cabinet and jewelry point of sale or the presentation of jewelry in your showcase, it is essential that it is orderly and elegant to emphasize the characteristics of each piece. The showcases for jewelers have the fundamental objective of making the combinations between one jewel and another come to life. The shops looking for jewelry showcases are looking for high quality products, made with precious materials with a classic and at the same time innovative design. Find the right product for your jewelry showcases among our numerous proposals for women's and men's jewelry displays, all modular and customizable with your logo. Theca is skilled in the design and production of jewelry showcase displays, because the jewelry showcase is the first moment with which you introduce yourself to your potential customer and we know how important it is to leave an excellent first impression.

Find all jewelry displays in our online catalog. If you need to set up the jewelry showcase with jewelry cabinets, contact us immediately, also to find out the best tailor-made solutions or to check if we have no current offers. The jewelry showcase is too important a point not to be valued, as we explain in our blog post How to set up a showcase, so make your jewelry displays perfect for sale. Don't forget in your point of sale our elegant modular price tags very useful for sale.


Jewelry display


Jewelery point of sale made of elegant white silk-effect imitation leather with silver trim. Customizable with your logo on the front and back with digital printing.


To this showcase you can add the Abaco display and Abaco busts to expand the display elements. Don't forget for your display the modular Price tags.


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Jewelry point of sale

Jewelry displays Jewelry point of sale Abaco Abaco jewelry point of sale 430x245x360

Abaco jewelry point of sale 430x245x360

€ 143.50

excluding VAT