Graduation favors

The original graduation favors are the reminder of an exciting moment in the school career. The degree is in fact an important goal achieved with great commitment and determination; for this reason it is celebrated with a party to which friends and relatives are invited.

For the occasion, it is customary to deliver personalized graduation favors with the engraving of the day, the name of the birthday boy or girl. This choice to donate wedding favors stems from the desire for gratitude towards people who have been close more than others in life, besides studying, to the graduate who thus wants to leave a tangible sign of affection and gratitude.

In these collections you can choose between the following variants:

The most used color for the graduation party is red, perfect for clothing, decorations, packaging and confetti that can embrace the different shades of this color to recreate a lively and at the same time solemn atmosphere.

The graduation favor ideas can be really many and each model of the collection is perfect for the purpose.
to contain special objects, souvenirs and objects or contain graduation sugared almonds protected by cellophane. It is not necessary to spend large amounts, you can also make a splendid figure with cheap graduation favors or a beautiful original graduation favor.

Graduation favors
Favors graduation luxury

Luxury graduation favors


Elegant degree favors in a luxury version thanks to the rounded shape and the soft velvet that covers them.

They are also packaged with an external gift box and they can be personalized inside with your logo or with the name, date and qualification achieved.

Favors graduation luxury

Graduation favors


Graduation favors luxury 107x9047 red

€ 12.90

Pack 10 pieces

€ 129.00 excluding VAT