How to make degree favors, 3 simple ideas

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Degree favors to celebrate an important milestone

The degree favor is the memory of one of the most exciting moments in a student's school career. The degree is in fact an important goal achieved with great commitment and determination; for this reason it is celebrated with a big party to which friends and relatives are invited.
On this occasion, it is customary to deliver personalized degree favors with the engraving of the day and the name of the celebrated person.
The choice to donate favors arises from the desire for gratitude towards people who have been close more than others in life, besides studying, to the graduate who thus wants to leave a tangible sign of affection and gratitude.
The color par excellence of the graduation is red: clothing, decorations and sugared almond embrace the different shades of this color, to recreate a lively and at the same time solemn atmosphere.
The story tells of Romans belonging to noble families or who held the highest offices who used to wear a red garment (usually a strip) as a sign of prestige.
Therefore, since obtaining a degree is a source of pride and authority, the color red was found to be the most suitable to celebrate the achievement of a prestigious title.
Without forgetting that in the world of art, red is a color that brings luck to the wearer and is a symbol of good wishes for a future full of successes.
However, we must also keep in mind that each university faculty has its own color, which can vary from university to university.
This color should be used for floral decorations, for the cover of the thesis, for all the details to become the leitmotif of the new graduate's day.
Each faculty therefore has its own color:
  1. Medicine and Surgery - Red color
  2. Agraria - Dark green color
  3. Fine Art - Celeste color
  4. Languages ​​and Political sciences - Lilac color
  5. Economics - Yellow color
  6. Engineering and Architecture - Black color
  7. Science and Biology - Green color
  8. Jurisprudence - Blue color
  9. Pedagogy - Pink color
  10. Letters and Philosophy - White color
  11. Banking Sciences - Blue color
  12. Pharmacy - Red Garnet color
  13. Psychology - Gray color
  14. Sociology - Orange color
  15. Veterinary - Violet color
Over the years, the color red, given its intrinsic strength, has taken precedence over other colors, thus becoming the color of the degree par excellence. Those who do not love this color or want to break away from tradition can choose original graduation favors with the color of their faculty.
However, there is no doubt that even if you decide to opt for cheap graduation favors or make dates, for your graduation favor it is nice to choose the red color for the strength and power that characterize it.

Choose one of our 3 degree favors proposals:

  1. economic degree favors
    perfect for a little personalized thought with a very special acrylic tag
  2. elegant degree favors
    with soft shapes and upholstered in elegant red velvet
  3. DIY degree favor
    a gift bag that turns into a handbag for an original degree favor
A little curiosity: do you know why the owl is used as a symbol of graduation and often in the creation of graduation favors?
The owl is an animal that brings luck, it is in fact a symbol of wisdom, wisdom and wit thanks to its ability to look beyond the dark and therefore to shed light on knowledge.
Favors graduation economic and personalized

Favors graduation economic and personalized

Practical and elegant, these red satin bags with drawstring are an original and innovative graduation favor.

Available in 4 different size versions, they can be customized with hot-stamping on the bag with name, date and qualification achieved.

They can also be made even more unique and exclusive by accompanying each bag with a mirrored acrylic plate that reproduces an icon symbolizing the degree doctorate.

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Luxury degree favors in velvet

Luxury favors graduation in velvet

Elegant degree favors in a luxury version thanks to the rounded shape and the soft velvet that covers them.
They are also packaged with an external gift box and can be personalized inside with your logo or with the name, date and qualification achieved.
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DIY degree favors, simple and innovative

DIY degree favors, simple and innovative

Personalized shopping bags perfect to create degree favors in a simple and innovative way.

This customizable shopper can be closed on both sides with a simple gesture and becomes a gift box equipped with two practical cotton handles and perfectly closed and safe.

It can be customized with your hot-stamped logo or with the name, date and qualification achieved.

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Pubblicato il: 19 June 2022