Jewelry countertop mirror

The table mirror is a strategic accessory for your sale because the customer crosses the threshold of your jewelry to acquire value and beauty and must be able to admire the special light that your products are able to transmit. It is essential to have one or more table mirrors in the jewelry store to give your customer the opportunity to look comfortably while choosing his ideal jewel or gift for someone special.

The table mirror emphasizes the elegance and grace of a precious item even more when worn.

Without forgetting that the table mirror is an important piece of furniture, it completes with style the space dedicated to the sale by offering your customer everything that can be useful to make the purchase in full awareness. A mirror with your logo is the most functional and elegant you can imagine for your jewelry.

Our collection of countertop mirrors consists of the following models:

Each decorative countertop mirror can be customized with your logo.

Counter mirrors
Chandelier countertop mirror

Jewelry countertop mirror


Mirror with table base. The structure is made of dove-gray lacquered wood and the practical and functional tilting movement allows you to orient it in the desired direction with the utmost ease.

Chandelier countertop mirror

Counter mirrors


Chandelier tilting countertop mirror 200x160x400 dark grey

€ 96.00

Pack 2 pieces

€ 192.00 excluding VAT

Chandelier tilting mirror 150x120x360 brown

€ 21.00

excluding VAT