Clear acrylic sheets for precious stone

Theca's blisters for diamonds, ingots and coin purse blisters are packaged with two perspex sheets, sealed with rivets or with disposable tear-off screws, which guarantee the integrity of the package. The tags included in each individual package can have your hot-stamped logo or digitally printed and can show on the back all the characteristics of the precious object they contain.

Giving a diamond in a blister pack or a personalized gold bar is the perfect choice for any occasion. Even a precious coin can be a welcome gift to any collector who appreciates it packaged in a suitable case.

In the collection of transparent plexiglass items for blistered precious stones you will find the following categories:

Take a look to our video How to seal diamond blister, the right place where to find how to close diamond between two panels of plastic blister.

For all above clear perspex blisters you can buy in small or large quantity at good prices, cheap or high quality personalized boxes with your logo to contain all items.

Clear acrylic blisters
Loose diamond blisters

Blister pack for precious stones


A diamond is forever. It is a perfect gift for any occasion, from Baptism to Confirmation, from adulthood to graduation, from marriage to anniversary. Its name means "invincible" and the symbolism underlines its characteristics of hardness, resistance, brilliance and light. Offer it to your customers in the best way thanks to the right blister for diamonds, personalized with your logo and with the characteristics of the diamond it contains.


These diamond blisters can be packed with following presetation boxes: - Kimberley - Golden Lux - Zircone or keep inside: - Diamonds container


Show in the point of sale: - Diamonds display - Griffes diamonds


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Loose diamond blisters

Clear acrylic blisters


Diamanti diamond blister r 75x40x8

€ 4.45

Pack 20 pieces

€ 89.00 excluding VAT

Diamanti diamond blister vs 85x54x10

€ 8.90

Pack 20 pieces

€ 178.00 excluding VAT

Diamanti diamond blister r 85x54x10

€ 5.95

Pack 20 pieces

€ 119.00 excluding VAT