A gold bar in blister is always a valuable gift!

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The personalized gold bar in a blister pack is a valuable gift!

An anniversary can be celebrated in many ways but among all the possible gifts there is a special one that will surely be appreciated: the gold bar. This is especially true if the birthday boy is a boy, but of course everyone likes a gift like a gold bar.

There is no shortage of opportunities: a birth or a baptism, a first communion or a confirmation, but also to celebrate a father, an important anniversary or an auspicious gift for the first job of adult life.

The gold ingot is a gift that by definition represents an investment that will increase its value over time. The prices of gold bars are obviously a function of their weight: this is why blisters for bars of different weights and sizes up to 100 grams gold bars are available in our range.


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Blister for ingots, perfect for him

An important anniversary requires a special gift. A gold bar is a gift but at the same time it is an investment, because it will increase its value over time.

Offer it to your customers in the best possible way thanks to the right Loose Ingot Blister, personalized with your logo and accompanied by a tag which indicates the characteristics of the gold bar it contains. The closure with four tear-off screws guarantees safety and protection.

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Ingots Basic, the ideal mini kit

Presentation box with gift bag made with matt coated paper and flocked rubber insert with ingot holder insert. The presentation box can of Ingot Basic collection be customized with your logo both on the outside and on the inside.

The special insert allows to offer "on sight" ingots of sizes between 5 and 100 grams; the ingot holder insert is also customizable with digital printing. Finally, you can customize the shopper with your hot-stamped logo.

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Ingots Classic, elegance assured

Presentation boxes for ingot blisters available in different colors, externally coated with matt coated paper with satin and rubber interior. Suitable for blisters in 85x55x8mm format.

The presentation box of collection Ingots Classic is customizable on the inside with your hot-stamped logo, digitally on the outside.

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Ingots Crystal, always in sight

The presentation boxes of the Ingots Crystal collection are a hymn to simplicity. The bottom and lid case is made of matt black coated paper, it is available in 3 different sizes and can be customized with your logo on the outside on the lid.

An additional element is also included which consists of two transparent PVC windows framed by a plastic profile that can be customized with your logo. The ingots enclosed between the two pvc films are stable, protected from shocks and elegantly visible.

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Ingots Luxury, the elegance of blue velvet

Presentation boxes fully lined with velvet in different colors, with snap opening and removable ingot holder interior. The presentation box can be customized with your logo hot-stamped on the inside.

The special insert of Ingots Luxury collection allows to offer "on sight" ingots of sizes between 5 and 100 grams; the ingot holder insert is also customizable with digital printing.

The perfect kit for gifting the gold bar

We also offer you a perfect kit to best pack a precious gift such as a gold bar: a personalized blister but also a matching case and pouch for jewelry as well as all the right displays to present them in the window and store them in an orderly and functional way in safe. Each object deserves an appropriate display and an elegant presentation box to be sold, discover our models on our blog How to store and present a gold bar in blister

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