How to present a Baptism or Confirmation gold bar

How to present a Baptism or Confirmation gold bar

Highlight the gold bar in your shop window

There are many ways to celebrate an anniversary and there are many interesting gifts that can be given, but there is a special one that will surely be appreciated: the gold bar.
There is certainly no shortage of opportunities: a birth or a Baptism, the First Communion or Confirmation, but also to celebrate a father, an important anniversary or an auspicious gift for the first job of adult life. Everyone is sure to like the gold ingot even if at Theca we know from experience that it is chosen in particular if the birthday boy is a boy.
The gold ingot is in fact a gift that is often associated with the idea of ​​an investment that will increase its value over time. The prices of gold bars naturally depend on the weight and the choice is really at the discretion of those who choose the gift for the birthday boy: this is why in our range there are blisters for bars of different weights and sizes up to 100 grams gold bars.
To make a truly complete gift and present the blister in the best possible way, it can be inserted in:
But it is above all the display in the window that makes the difference.
Displaying the products in the right way is the secret for a successful sale, especially of these products that are also perfect for the "undecided" or those who have not yet chosen the gift to give for the occasion and are inspired by the external showcase of the jewelry .
It is therefore strategic and essential to have everything you need to present the ingots in blister packs to your customers in the best possible way. In our online store you will find both practical window displays and functional boxes, ideal for protecting and storing your blisters in the safe but also for displaying them in the window with a single gesture and showing them to your customers.


Gold bar

Gold bar, the successful gift

Gold bars are a real guarantee of success for your gifts on any occasion and you can be sure that buying gold bars is never a wrong move.
As far as gold bars are concerned, the perfect occasion is that of a birth.
The gold bar for baptism price is one of the typical questions of those who want to make this kind of purchase which, let us remember, also has value as an investment. The answer is simple: the price of the gold bar depends on the weight and on whether you want to buy more or less of the precious material.
But even if it was a small gift, a small gold ingot, it will always be considered a very prestigious gift, even more so if it is packaged in a special blister for ingots inserted in an elegant presentation box for ingots and packaged with high-quality wrapper paper and personalized ribbon.
gold sovereign

Baptism gold sovereign, a guarantee of success

Giving a gold sovereign as a gift is also a great choice. The baptismal gold pound in particular is highly appreciated because it is one of the best known and most sought after coins.
The details of the profile of the Queen and St. George slaying the dragon alone tell a story of timeless charm, which never goes out of style as well as being a unisex choice.
It is also a valuable investment; the gold pound for baptism price is approximately around 350-400 euros, both of old and new minting obviously calculated taking into account the current price of gold.
The value of the gift increases considerably if the pound is given in a nice blister for coins complete with a coin presentation box and packaged with wrapper paper and personalized ribbon.
Customizable ingots point of sale

Customizable ingots point of sale

Point of sale units for ingot blisters available in 3 blister versions, horizontal or vertical.

The collection Ingots display can be customized with your digitally printed logo.You can also choose to print the characteristics of the bars displayed and complete it with the selling prices.

Griffes ingots, the perfect point of sale

Griffes ingots, the perfect point of sale

Point of sale for blister Griffes Ingots with its neutral and elegant color give the maximum importance to the products. Available in version with 3 horizontal or vertical blister packs made with coated storage base and display part in plexiglass.

It can be personalized with your digitally printed logo.

Ingots container, practical and functional

Ingots container, practical and functional

Collection box made of satin imitation leather, perfect for storing and displaying 6 blisters per ingot in the shop window. Ideal for protecting, storing and storing your blisters in the safe also thanks to the external label holder pocket that allows you to quickly identify it.

The Ingots Container collection can be customize with your digitally printed logo on the inside and display it in the window.

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