Customized gift wrap ribbon

Jewelry or watch cases can be made even more elegant by using customized ribbons with logo.

Nice gift bows made using the personalized gifts ribbon with your logo, perhaps with embossed ribbon printing, makes your presents packaging unique and precious. The choice is wide and you can find The rest is up to you, your preferences and tastes to use a:

All the customized fabric ribbons have a ribbon printing carried out with the hot stamping, embossed or ink printing technique. You can find all the personalized ribbons online to make your order in full autonomy, but if you want advice and suggestions to create your own personalized satin ribbon you can call us we will be happy to provide you with all our suggestions.

Without forgetting that the printed ribbon gives its best when it is combined with the right wrapping paper and an elegant customized gift label

The accurate personalization on small quantities also allows the creation of personalized wedding favors ribbons, or personalized wedding ribbons.

All ribbons can be used as personalized wedding favor ribbons, and with the name of the bride and groom printed they are also perfect as a personalized wedding ribbon.

Gift ribbon
Satin ribbon

Customized satin ribbon


Satin is by definition synonymous of class and elegance and a satin ribbon is perfect for wrapping your gift. Available in many color versions, it can be customized with your hot printed logo to make it even more refined.

Name ribbon is a fantastic option for making gifts even more special and personalized. With traditional ribbon, you can add your name or logo or a special message. Whether it's for a birthday, a party or a special occasion, the printed ribbon will certainly make the difference.

But that is not all! This personalized ribbon isn't just for gifts. It can also be used to decorate DIY creations such as boxes, photo albums, frames and much more. To give a personal and unique touch to each project.

Our online store offers a wide range of personalized name ribbons in different colors, materials and styles. You can choose between heights, background and print colors.

To order your personalized name ribbon, simply visit our website and follow a few simple steps. You can choose the color of the ribbon, the font type, enter the desired name and select the desired quantity.


This sarin ribbon is the right choice to be matching with customized wrapping paper.

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Satin ribbon

Gift ribbon


Satin customized ribbon 10 mm

€ 0.35

Pack 1000 meters

€ 350.00 excluding VAT

Satin customized ribbon 15 mm

€ 0.37

Pack 1000 meters

€ 370.00 excluding VAT

Satin customized ribbon 25 mm

€ 0.49

Pack 1000 meters

€ 490.00 excluding VAT