Customized ribbon, the 6 best types ever!

Customized ribbon

The presentation box is more elegant with the right customized ribbon

Customized ribbon
There is a magic formula that ensures that a product is the chosen one in the customer's wish list and this formula includes the printed ribbons. It is a set of factors that affect multiple elements, obviously including quality, price, reliability and brand image and much more.
In this special alchemy, the packaging certainly plays a role of great importance and this is precisely the reason why it is essential to make a careful choice of all the individual elements that make up the packaging: the quality of the wrapping paper, the adhesive labels and of course the custom ribbon. Once your customer has made his purchase choice, the jewel is embraced and guarded by many accessories that increase its emotional value and make it even more precious, especially if we are referring to a gift. The jewelry box that houses the jewel is covered with customized wrapping paper and decorated with a beautiful customized gift ribbon.

Herewith the 6 kinds of customized ribbons you can choose from

Customized ribbon
With the addition of our customized logo labels to close the bow and an elegant gift bag, the packaging is completed that gives shape to the dream of a luxury purchase made in jewelry store.
The personalized ribbon that wraps the package gives a touch of class and elegance without equal, even more if it is with your logo.
You can choose according to your taste among the many proposals of custom ribbons available in our range: satin, cotton, taffeta, canvas or metallic ribbons in the colors you prefer and better represent your brand and your identity. In fact, all our satin ribbons can be customized with your logo with hot stamping, embossed screen printing or ink to sign all your packages and give your customer a real shopping experience full of emotions and suggestions that only the values ​​and the value of a jewelry can convey.
Personalized wedding satin ribbons

Personalized wedding satin ribbons

The term bonbonnière originated from far away, when in 1700s France it was customary to give the bride and groom a "bombonnière", a small precious box containing bon bon, or small delicacies.
Since then, the elegant white favors closed with personalized wedding ribbons cannot be missing in a wedding event celebrated according to the most classic canons.

Although the white color is the most popular for these occasions, nothing prevents you from choosing between the different alternatives and using for example a personalized wedding ribbon such as ivory or an alternative that goes well with the theme and colors chosen for the ceremony. .

In addition, short texts or the name of the bride and groom can also be reproduced on the personalized satin ribbons, to make the gift given to the guests unique and exclusive.

Personalized favors ribbons

Personalized favors ribbons

If it is true that wedding favors are born as a guests gift on the occasion of the wedding events, it was not long before their use extended to other important ceremonies as well.
Small bags and pouches closed with beautiful personalized favors ribbons have become an essential item of celebration such as a birth and Baptism for which it is possible to choose between different colors including the classic blue and pink to more neutral colors such as green and the yellow.
The white color is instead the protagonist of ceremonies such as First Communion or Confirmation.
Without forgetting the more secular moments of celebration and personal successes, such as a graduation, for which personalized red ribbons are perfect.

How we print the ribbon with name

Personalized gift ribbons can be printed with:

  • glossy hot stamping - perfect for personalized wedding favors ribbons
  • embossed screen printing - generally used for custom satin ribbon
  • color printing - for all personalized gift ribbons

It is important to use clear fonts without designs to clearly reproduce your logo on the gift box. Remember that custom wedding ribbons can be an elegant closure for your wedding bags.

Respecting your brand

By reading this article you will not find any names of the customers who have chosen us as suppliers of customized grosgrain ribbon as respect for privacy and protection of brands is our fundamental principle We talk about it in this blog Respecting your brand is an essential value for us


Pubblicato il: 20 November 2021