Present bag and boxes

Gifts bags and boxes are the winning combination to quickly and elegantly pack your jewels.

Having a personalized shopper coordinated with the jewelry box allows you to have many advantages, first of all the practicality of already having two strategic accessories available for perfect packaging. In addition, the personalized jewelry bags are already in line with the style and aesthetic taste of the jewelry boxes and this adds an extra touch of class to your gift.

The entire range of gift bags is made up of many different versions for sizes, colors and materials. Among all the different alternatives it is easy to find the product that best meets your taste and the needs of your end customer.

In fact, the following collections are available to buy from our online shop:

  • Diamante the most complete solution which also includes the closure ribbon
  • Black Magic the elegant versions that interpret the Black color
  • Fiocco gift bag set with the bow already done on the box lid
  • Vanity the very practical a themed version called Bimbi.
  • Natural Bio with a particular ecological care is realized with the best eco friendly packaging
  • Last but not least the most elegant presentation box with gift bags the Milano collections

All the collections of pretty gift bags and boxes can be customized with your hot-stamped logo to sign your precious items with the guarantee and values of your brand.

And if you want to learn more about the topic, our Blog is the right place where to find all tips.


Gift bags and boxes
Costume jewelry boxes Vanity lusso

Box with gift bags


Are you looking for an easy way to package your luxury jewellery? ...  Then you're in the right place!


This collection of jewelery boxes comes in all shapes and sizes. From the smallest version, boxes for medals to boxes for necklaces. Inside you'll find multipurpose inserts perfect for ring boxes, earring boxes, and even pendant boxes. Up to the specific size like the bracelet box.


The high quality material with which these cases and shoppers are made allows for an excellent hot stamping result to personalize the cases on the inside or the shoppers on the outside.

Costume jewelry boxes Vanity lusso

Gift bags and boxes


Vanity lusso costume jewelry box multipurpose 40x40x20 grey

€ 1.65

Pack 96 pieces

€ 158.40 excluding VAT

Vanity lusso costume jewelry box multipurpose 52x52x39 grey

€ 1.85

Pack 72 pieces

€ 133.20 excluding VAT

Vanity lusso costume jewelry box multipurpose 70x70x38 grey

€ 1.95

Pack 72 pieces

€ 140.40 excluding VAT

Vanity lusso costume jewelry box multipurpose 93x93x38 grey

€ 2.25

Pack 48 pieces

€ 108.00 excluding VAT

Vanity lusso costume jewelry box for necklace 130x185x38 grey

€ 3.95

Pack 24 pieces

€ 94.80 excluding VAT

Vanity lussoc costume jewelry box for bracelet 220x42x29 grey

€ 2.85

Pack 48 pieces

€ 136.80 excluding VAT