Customized watch display case

Watch boxes are the ideal place for a sophisticated and perfect object like a precious watch as jewellery, which always deserves to be offered with a watch holder that lives up to its value. Even more so if it is given as a gift, because as for jewelry an important gift a presentation is required that emphasizes its economic value and often also its emotional significance.

The new wrist watches come with their own wooden packaging set, but if you are a specialized watchmaker or collector of second-hand watches, you certainly need to buy a suitable top watch cases or organizer, because vintage watch packaging is almost always lost in some drawer.

The available collections of box for watches are:

Choose the best of our online watch box for men to customize with your logo. In addition to those items take a look to our collection of watch display box the right choice where to fit your precious watches for sale.


Watches box
Watch boxes Vintage led

Watch box


Watch boxes with very elegant hinged opening. Made with embossed paper coating and imitation leather interior, they are equipped with a LED light that is activated when the case is opened to highlight the beauty of the watch it contains. The case can be customized with your logo with hot stamping on the inside or externally with digital printing.


These watch box can be packed with Alessandria shopper.

Watch boxes Vintage led

Watches box


Vintage led watch box with led light 147x109x80 nero

€ 15.50

Pack 10 pieces

€ 155.00 excluding VAT

Vintage led watch box with led light 147x109x80 navy

€ 15.33

Pack 10 pieces

€ 153.30 excluding VAT