Cases for collectible and investment coins

Cases for collectible and investment coins
Collectible coins

Collectible coins

Are you thinking of starting a precious coin collection? Collectible coins are fascinating objects that tell stories of the past and culture.

First of all, collection coins have a value higher than their face value. This can be due to various factors, such as rarity, antiquity or particular conditions. Collectible coins can come from all over the world and represent different historical eras. Even the very value of the precious metal with which they are made.

You can find collectible coins in specialized shops, numismatic fairs or even online on dedicated auction or e-commerce sites. Be sure to purchase coin collections from reliable sources to avoid fraud or counterfeiting.

Coin containers are designed specifically for this purpose and exist both in single coin versions and for storing multiple coins in a case. With the right collector coin containers you can offer your valuables effective protection against dust, humidity, oxidation and scratches.

There are different types of containers available for the coin collection that you want to preserve and each of them boasts specific characteristics that adapt to the different needs of collectors. Some small diameter coins are packaged in sturdy coin blisters as we explain in our [BLOG] Keep your collectible coins in a blister.

Special note: The issuing decrees with the issuing characteristics of collector's, commemorative and investment coins. Therefore they are circulationable and spendable coins in all respects in the issuing country.

Among the most common we find:

Coin Capsules: Plastic capsules are among the most popular containers for collectible coins. They are made of transparent and resistant material, which protects the coins from any scratches or damage. Capsules are available to hold coins with different diameters. Customizable with logo. They are perfect for maintaining the "uncirculated". Therefore very useful when selling coins.

Collectible Coin presentation boxes: These cases are a sturdier and more elegant solution for storing collectible coins. They are made of high quality materials with internal compartments lined with velvet, felt, foam or the safe neoprene with which the diameters can be reproduced in the most precise way. The boxes offer superior protection against humidity and oxidation for your coin collection, as well as giving a touch of class to your numismatic treasure. Customizable with logo.

Single boxes from the PROFILO and SILHOUETTE collection perfect for elegantly packaging a gift of a precious coin.

All coin products are customizable and available with foam interiors in over 70 different diameters, find out which diameter fits your coins on the table below.

Finally, remember that coin collecting takes time and dedication. Take your time to explore the world of collectible coins and have fun in the process.

​Celebratory coins

​Celebratory coins

Commemorative coins are a special category of collectible coins that are issued to commemorate events or people of great historical or cultural importance. These coins often feature unique designs and thoughtful details, making them truly special pieces to add to your collection.

One of the most interesting things about commemorative coins is that they can cover a wide range of themes: from sports to music, from politics to art, there are coins for every type of interest. For example, you may find coins commemorating major sporting competitions such as the Olympic Games or the football World Cup or if you are passionate about music, you may find coins dedicated to great artists or bands who have marked the history of music.

One of the most fascinating features of commemorative coins is their limited mintage. This means that only a limited number of pieces are produced and put into circulation. This makes the coins even more desirable for collectors, as they are considered true art objects. Additionally, some commemorative coins can be made from precious metals such as gold or silver, further increasing their value and attractiveness.

In addition to their intrinsic value, commemorative coins can also have significant historical and cultural value. Often, these coins are issued to commemorate important events or to honor people who played a key role in history. Owning one of these coins means having a tangible piece of history in your hands.

If you are passionate about numismatic collecting, commemorative coins are a must-have for your collection. These unique pieces will allow you to show your passion for history and culture, as well as becoming real treasures to preserve over time.

Investment coins

Investment coins

Gold has been considered a safe haven asset for centuries and has always been valued for its intrinsic value. It is a safe and reliable way to protect your assets and obtain good returns over time.

Gold coins, in particular, have always been considered a form of alternative investment to more traditional forms, such as shares and bonds, and are sought after by both collectors and investors for their beauty and historical value.

Why choose investment gold coins?

First, gold is a tangible asset that cannot be artificially created or printed like paper currency. This means that the supply of gold is limited and stable over time, making it a valuable asset.

Furthermore, gold has proven to maintain its value over the centuries, even during periods of economic instability or financial crises.

Investment gold coins are available in different sizes and designs, making them suitable for all types of budgets and personal preferences. Some of the most popular gold coins include the Austrian Philharmonic, Canadian Maple Leaf, and American Eagle. These coins are internationally recognized and can be easily bought or sold around the world.


When investing in a gold coin it is important to keep in mind some key factors that are strategic for your collection:

  1. Choose a reliable and reputable seller who offers authenticity and certifications for the coins. Also, consider purchasing gold coins with a high degree of purity, such as 24 karat (999.9%). These coins have a higher intrinsic value than those with a lower percentage of pure gold.
  2. Another aspect to consider is the storage of your investment gold coins. It is advisable to store them in a secure safe or at an authorized bank to avoid damage or theft. Additionally, it is important to insure your gold coins to protect them from any loss or damage.
  3. Finally, it is important to keep in mind that investing in gold coins requires patience and a long-term vision. Gold is a volatile asset and its value can fluctuate over time. However, in the long run, gold and gold coins have proven to be a solid and stable investment that can provide good returns.

In conclusion, investment gold coins are an excellent choice for investors who want to protect their assets and obtain attractive returns over time. Gold is a safe haven asset that has proven to maintain its value over the centuries, and gold coins are highly prized by collectors and investors alike. Remember to choose a reliable seller, consider the purity of the coins and store them safely.

Diameter of collectible coins and investment coins, both rare and common.

Not sure what is the perfect coin presentation box for your collectible coins? In this list you will find over 70 coins from all over the world with their diameter to choose the right presentation box quickly and easily.

Coin Cut  Diameter  Size
American Buffalo 50 Dollars        32,70 mm
American Eagle 50 Dollars        32,70 mm
Australian Kangaroo 15 Dollars        16,60 mm
Australian Kangaroo 25 Dollars        20,60 mm
Australian Kangaroo 50 Dollars        25,60 mm
Australian Kangaroo 100 Dollars        32,10 mm
Britannia 1/10 oz        16,50 mm
Britannia 1/4 oz        22,00 mm
Britannia 1/2 oz        27,00 mm
Britannia 1oz        32,69 mm
Austrian Gold crows 10 Crowns        19,00 mm
Austrian Gold crows 20 Crowns        21,00 mm
Austrian Gold crows 100 Crowns        37,00 mm
Gold Ducat 1 Austrian ducat        20,00 mm
Gold Ducat 1 Dutch ducat        21,00 mm
Gold Ducat 4 Austrian ducats        40,00 mm
Vienna Philharmonic 10 euro        22,00 mm
Vienna Philharmonic 25 euro        22,00 mm
Vienna Philharmonic 50 euro        28,00 mm
Vienna Philharmonic 100 euro        37,00 mm
Vienna Philharmonic 2000 Shillings        37,00 mm
Fiorino Ungherese 20 Franch / 8 Florins        21,00 mm
Belgian Franc Marengo 20 franchi        21,00 mm
Belgian Franc 100 ecu        37,00 mm
French Franc Marengo 10 Francs        19,00 mm
French Franc Marengo 20 Francs        21,00 mm
French Franc 40 Francs        26,00 mm
French Franc Marengo 50 Francs        28,00 mm
French Franc Marengo 100 Francs        35,00 mm
Gold Krugerrand 1 oz        32,00 mm
Gold Krugerrand 1/4 oz        22,00 mm
Gold Krugerrand 1/2 oz        25,00 mm
Gold Krugerrand 1/10 oz        15,00 mm
Lady Liberty 5 Dollars        21,50 mm
Lady Liberty 10 Dollars        27,00 mm
Lady Liberty 100 Dollars        32,70 mm
Lady Liberty 20 Dollars        34,00 mm
Maple Leaf 5 Dollars        16,00 mm
Maple Leaf 10 Dollars        20,00 mm
Maple Leaf 20 Dollars        25,00 mm
Maple Leaf 50 Dollars        30,00 mm
Maple Leaf 200 Dollars        30,00 mm
Marengo d'oro 20 Lire        20,00 mm
Marengo d'oro 20 Franc Vreneli        21,00 mm
Orso polare 1/10 oz        16,00 mm
Chinese Panda 50 Panda        18,00 mm
Chinese Panda 100 Panda        22,00 mm
Chinese Panda 200 Panda        27,00 mm
Chinese Panda 500 Panda        32,00 mm
Chinese Panda 100 Yuan        32,00 mm
Chinese Panda 800 Panda        40,00 mm
Pesos Cile 50 Pesos        24,50 mm
Pesos Cile 100 Pesos        31,00 mm
Mexican pesos 2 Pesos        15,50 mm
Mexican pesos 5 Pesos        19,00 mm
Mexican pesos 10 Pesos        22,00 mm
Mexican pesos 20 Pesos        27,50 mm
Mexican pesos 50 Pesos        37,00 mm
Serie Call of the Wild 200 Dollars        30,00 mm
Serie Myths & Legends 1 oz        32,69 mm
Serie Queen's Beasts 1 oz        32,69 mm
Serie Tudor's Beasts 1/4 oz        22,00 mm
Serie Tudor's Beasts 1 oz        32,69 mm
Soles Perù 10 Soles        17,91 mm
Soles Perù 20 Soles        22,00 mm
Soles Perù 50 Soles        29,00 mm
Soles Perù 100 Soles        36,00 mm
Gold Sovering Half Sovering        19,00 mm
Gold Sovering One Sovering        22,00 mm
Gold Sovering Double Sovering        28,40 mm
Gold Sovering Quintuple Sovering        36,00 mm

Cutting inserts for collectible coins

In this short video you will see how inserts for investment coins are designed and made.

The coins in the photo are not precious and are not included in the sale.

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