Watch pouch

Collectible watches are precious objects whose value often goes beyond the simple "measurement of time". They are an object of tradition and of great charm; for some they represent a real irreplaceable status symbol, for others still a memory, an object that is handed down from generation to generation. Sometimes the value is not so much linked to the object itself but it is an emotional value that binds us to a person who has worn that particular watch for many years.

Whatever the reason that makes a luxury watch or a second wrist watch unique and irreplaceable, watch pouches are an accessory of fundamental importance and undisputed usefulness.

In the product range present in our online store you can choose from the following collections:

Furthermore, all watch bags in our range can be personalized with your elegantly hot-stamped logo.

Watch pouches
PVC bag for watch repair

PVC repair bag


PVC watch repair bag, to better preserve and protect your watches. The transparency of the material allows a perfect visibility of the product, which is kept in position also thanks to the soft sponge that helps its correct exposure. In the back pocket there is the certificate which can be customized with your logo.


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PVC bag for watch repair

Watch pouches


Sunny pvc transparent pvc watch repair bag 85x110

€ 1.89

Pack 60 pieces

€ 113.40 excluding VAT

Sunny pvc transparent pvc watch repair bag 85x140

€ 2.10

Pack 60 pieces

€ 126.00 excluding VAT