3 models of watch pouch for collectors 

Watch pouch for collectors

Watch pouch, practical and functional

The watch is a precious object whose value goes beyond the simple "measurement of time". It is an object of tradition and of great charm; for some it is an irreplaceable status symbol, for others a memory, an object that is handed down from generation to generation. We are talking about a great style accessory with a timeless charm, the perfect gift for an important birthday, an anniversary, but also for a Baptism, a Confirmation, the age of majority or graduation.
At the same time, a collector's watch needs to be treated and stored with great care and attention to preserve the perfect synchrony of the movement and its components. In our range of products dedicated to collectible watches you will find everything you need, from the box to the display, from the roll to the box. You will also find an extremely practical and useful product for both you and your customer: pocket watch pouch.
They are used to better preserve the single watch, even better if together with the documentation that certifies its model and characteristics, especially when it is delivered to you for repairs, it needs the appropriate repair envelopes for the indications of ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

The 3 watch bag that collectors cannot miss:

  1. Watch pouch standard made with anti-scratch fabric
  2. Watch pouch with front window
  3. PVC watch pouch perfect for repair bags

See the details of each model below:

watch pouch Sunny, a timeless classic

1 - watch pouch Sunny, a timeless classic

Sunny in anti-scratch double-flocked fabric bag to ensure maximum protection for your watch. Equipped with an internal scratch-resistant button and a rigid rectangular insert in the same color as the bag that keeps the watch stationary.

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watch pouch Sunny Vedo, with practical front window

2 - watch pouch Sunny Vedo, with practical front window

If you want to keep and preserve your watches, the bag from this collection has all the credentials to be the top of the market offer. Made of scratch-resistant bi-flocked fabric that also covers the internal button, The practical front window allows you to immediately know the model contained, we talk about in this blog: Watch pouch with window, why use it?

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watch pouch for repair made with PVC

3 - watch pouch for repair made with PVC

This collection offers an envelope with a customizable pocket, made of PVC to best preserve and protect your watches. The transparency of the material allows perfect visibility of the product, which is kept in position also thanks to the soft sponge that helps its correct exposure.

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Pubblicato il: 23 April 2022