What are the bridal jewels for a perfect wedding?

Bridal Jewels

What are bridal jewels?

The wedding day is one of the most important moments in the life of a person in love and the bride is the absolute protagonist of this memorable day. With her, in the foreground under everyone's gaze we find bridal jewels, a tradition whose origin is lost in the mists of time and is still as strong and alive as ever.
Bridal jewels are a hymn to the preciousness of marriage, they illuminate the bride even more and enhance her beauty and the figure wrapped in the wedding dress.

The origins of traditional bridal jewelry

The origins of bridal jewels are very ancient, to underline their importance and value:
- in ancient Egypt, bridal jewelery was a sign of status and power and was given to the bride as a gift for good luck;
- in Greece they were given as gifts during the ceremony and represented longevity and prosperity for the couple;
- in the Middle Ages, bridal jewels were part of the dowry and underlined the rank and social level of the future wife's family;
- finally, with the advent of the Renaissance, jewels acquired an important role in the context of wedding attire and brides began to wear jewels decorated with precious gems such as emeralds and rubies.
Bridal jewelery still plays an essential role in marriage, mainly for:
  • Bridal earrings
  • Bridal necklace
  • Bride bracelet
which are generally in gold, be it white or yellow, or platinum and are embellished with diamonds or other precious stones, often with pearls, sometimes with vintage elements. Regardless of personal tastes, wedding jewels play a fundamental role in making the bride even more fascinating.
Bride earrings

Which earrings to choose for the bride?

Whatever personal style you prefer, it's important to keep in mind that earrings are a staple of a bride's outfit:
  • hoop earrings or pearl earrings if you want to convey a message of discreet elegance and refinement
  • pendant earrings for those who love a more classic style and focus on tradition
  • earrings with floral details are instead a vintage alternative that adds a touch of color and modernity. Regardless of the model chosen, it is important to remember that earrings and necklace for the bride must match perfectly
Harmony and elegance are the keywords of the jewelery set for the bride, therefore in line with the dress and the theme of the ceremony.
A good tip is to choose simple and elegant earrings to avoid any contrast with other jewels worn. If, on the other hand, you prefer more elaborate and more characterful jewels, it is good to keep in mind the rule according to which the colors must be in harmony with the decorative elements present in the bride's hairstyle. Always with an eye to the hairstyle, it is good to opt for smaller or pearl earrings if the bride has short hair while, if the bride has long and loose hair, larger and moderately showy earrings are preferable.
Bridal necklaces

What necklace does the bride wear?

The necklace that the bride will wear on her wedding day must be chosen with care, as it is an extremely important detail. It is in fact an accessory that adds that special touch to her dress and helps to complete the image and style.
The first decision to be made consists in choosing between:
  • a simple and discreet necklace, for example a pearl necklace, ideal if the dress is very elaborate
  • a more demanding and aesthetically important model, preferable if the wedding dress is rather sober
Whatever the choice, it is essential that the bride feels beautiful and at ease, that she wears what she loves most and chooses the style that best represents her.
Once the style has been decided, all that remains is to find the perfect bridal jewelry set that includes a necklace but also earrings and a bracelet.
Bride bracelet

How many bracelets can you wear?

There isn't an exact answer and an incorrect one because the choice is always exclusively subjective and must be with the dress, necklace and earrings that will be worn.
Without a doubt, however, wearing a single bracelet is an indication of sobriety and elegance as well as the fact that it highlights all the precious characteristics and peculiarities.

The bridal bracelets can be of various kinds:

  • a simple bridal bracelet such as a silver or gold chain or with a precious stone such as a diamond or a ruby
  • a bracelet with floral motifs, cheerful and colorful even if you shouldn't go overboard
  • with lace bands, perfect for giving a touch of shabby chic romance
  • finally bracelets with multiple elements such as pearl bracelets, charms and other precious details in silver and gold

You can also choose to combine wedding jewelery with a set that includes bracelets and a necklace or earrings. In this case it is essential not to overdo it, to keep the balance between all the pieces and not to weigh down the overall look.

Elegance, harmony and balance are in fact the watchwords to keep in mind on this special and unforgettable day.

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