DIY jewelry box: original ideas for using it

DIY jewelry box

DIY jewelry box: many original ideas

The jewel is a precious object with a long history and great economic, symbolic and emotional value.
The history of jewelry has very ancient roots and even dates back to the Upper Paleolithic (between 40,000 and 10,000 years ago) when necklaces and bracelets made with animal teeth, horns and tusks were worked to give rise to magical amulets and decorative lucky charms. Egyptians, Etruscans, Greeks and Romans: every historical period has also been told through jewels with increasingly precious and refined creations.
Even today as then, the jewel is an object with a thousand facets:
- it's a perfect gift for your loved one or to celebrate an important life event;
- it's an ideal self-gift to celebrate a success or to capture a special moment to remember or simply in the rush of a moment for the pleasure of doing it;
- a way to express one's personality and personal style;
- it can have an important economic value and therefore have an investment value.
Whether they are precious or not, jewels are always numerous and sometimes it becomes complicated to keep them in an organized and above all orderly way to have them all at hand at the right time.
This is why it becomes strategic to create DIY jewelery holders that, with little cost and a lot of imagination, can be right for us.
A good starting point could be to build our DIY jewelery box starting from a cardboard box or get a DIY wooden jewelery box starting from a box of this resistant and highly elegant material.
The truth is that creating jewelry boxes is a challenge to creativity, motivating and at the same time stimulating because we create something truly useful.

How to reuse jewelry presentation boxes

The DIY jewelery box is the perfect solution for keeping jewelery tidy especially at home or in a small safe. However, there are other accessories that are perfect if we are looking for travel or handbag jewels accessories' ideas.
You can find out how to make a jewelry box in the simplest way or by recycling the presentation boxes you have at home and you don't know what to do with.

Building a jewelry box is easy, all you need is scissors, hot glue, colored paper and decorations of your choice, such as ribbons, buttons, shells, etc.
Once all the materials have been collected, you need to focus on the purpose for which you will use your homemade jewelry box because it doesn't necessarily have to contain jewelry and bijoux. In fact, you can reuse jewelry boxes to collect, for example:
- shells
- buttons
- photos
- bottle cap collection
- chocolates and candies to offer to guests
Now you can make a jewelry box
- for the shells, apply some of them on the presentation box using hot glue, perhaps alternating it with a nice sea-colored ribbon bow
- if it must contain chocolates and candies you can decorate it with colors and themed elements created with colored paper or beads or pieces of recycled fabric
- crystals and rhinestones are perfect for your costume jewelery and give an extra touch of shine to your creation.
You can build a wooden or cardboard jewelery box with practically everything you find at home, reusing materials that would otherwise have been thrown away and thus helping the environment as if you had purchased an eco-sustainable accessory!
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Pubblicato il: 16 January 2023