How to give an engagement ring in 3 simple steps

engagement ring

How to give an engagement ring in a surprising way

There are some moments in life that offer us moments of great emotion because they are unique, special and unrepeatable, such as when preparing to give engagement rings.
It is a romantic and exclusive moment that must be experienced, fully enjoying every little gesture. It is therefore important to prepare carefully and take into consideration some simple but strategic steps to pay attention to in order to give engagement rings in the right way.
Here are some tips that can help you make sure you don't miss a single move when delivering an engagement ring.
engagement ring

Choosing the surprise engagement ring

If you have decided to make a significant change in your life and want to give an engagement ring to your partner to propose to her to become your life partner, you must first of all make the right choice regarding the ring.
  1. Decide on the budget
    Start by deciding what amount to allocate to the purchase of the ring because this first step will be very useful for you to define the range within which to move both in terms of the precious material and the size of the stone.
  2. Choose the style of the ring
    Traditionally, the engagement ring is a solitaire with a central diamond, but there are many other types of engagement rings to choose from such as a trilogy or a ring with gemstones such as sapphire and ruby. You can also decide to give personalized engagement rings as a gift, or buy two identical rings for him and for her, with engraving or with particular designs that have a special meaning. In any case, it is important to know and interpret your partner's tastes and style.
  3. Check the right size
    It is very important that the engagement ring is the perfect size and can be worn immediately. If you are not sure of the size, you can ask friends or relatives, her best friend or you can take one of her rings to your trusted jeweler to have it measured and have a certain indication for the perfect purchase.
engagement ring

The importance of the perfect place and moment

After finding the engagement ring, we move on to the second step or the choice of when and where.
It's important to do the right thing at the right time!
That's why you have to be careful in choosing the perfect moment to give the engagement ring which could be for example the anniversary of your first meeting or first kiss, his birthday or another occasion that has meaning for you two.
Even the choice of a special place can contribute significantly to the surprise and emotion of the moment. The range of possibilities has no limits and you can choose from the one that in your opinion could be most appreciated:
  1. a romantic place
  2. a candlelight dinner
  3. a weekend just for you in a dream location
  4. a walk in the woods
  5. a walk on the beach
  6. a picnic in nature
  7. A boat trip
  8. or simply your home.
Presentation box with dedication

How to give an engagement ring

The last steps that are missing from the fateful moment concern how.
Prepare a romantic phrase, something that surprises her and remains engraved in her memories as one of the most beautiful things she has ever heard. You can also prepare a note accompanying your gift and leave a written reminder of your words of love.
Let's leave a crucial point at the end to make this moment truly unforgettable: the choice of packaging for your gift!
How to give an engagement ring foresees a great role of the surprise that creates emotion, of the wait that feeds the expectation and enhances the memory.
Choose the engagement ring box giving space to your personal taste but also to the message you want to convey to your loved one. Our jewelery boxes also give you the opportunity to give a unique and exclusive touch to your engagement proposal: you can write your personalized dedication on the box.
In this way, the phrase of your life, your names, your special dedication, will also remain imprinted on the package that your fiancée will open with emotion after having untied the bow of an elegant ribbon and discovered the box under the refined wrapping paper .
With Theca's wish that the emotion of the engagement ring gift will soon follow the choice of bridal jewels and that you may live a life full of happiness!
Pubblicato il: 20 February 2023