MDF eco-friendly material, perfect for presentation boxes and displays

MDF eco-friendly material
What's MDF eco-friendly material

Presentation boxes and displays in MDF eco-friendly material

Respect for the environment, respect for the brand, respect for the customer: essential values ​​for us that have been part of our DNA since we were born 35 years ago.
This is why we have been making ecological and nature-friendly products for well over a decade, when the topic of respect for the Planet was not yet a trendy topic.
Our range includes many collections made with a material widely used in the production of jewelery presentation boxes, jewelery display boxes and shop furnishings and in carpentry: the MDF material which comes from the reuse of thin or irregular wood fiber remnants, without therefore impoverishing no way trees and nature.


What is MDF wood meaning

The MDF material, which stands for Medium Density Fiberboard, is a high-density wood fiberboard. It is made of thin wood fibers that are subjected to a pressing process with the addition of synthetic resins. This process makes the material very solid and resistant, perfect for making furniture and furnishing accessories.
The peculiar characteristics of M.D.F. wood are many:
  • homogeneity, because unlike solid wood, the MDF structure has no knots or irregular grain. This allows for more precise and uniform processing, without risking unpleasant surprises;
  • versatility, because thanks to the uniform composition and compactness of M.D.F wood, it is possible to cut, shape and mill it with extreme ease;
  • stability and moisture resistance; this makes it ideal for environments such as kitchens or bathrooms, where exposure to water could damage other materials;
  • possibility of applying paints and finishes easily because its smooth surface allows better adhesion of finishing products, obtaining very appreciable aesthetic results;
  • last but not least, among the MDF characteristics the fact that it is an ecological material stands out.
In conclusion, MDF wood features numerous advantages: versatility, resistance, workability and stability.

Our presentation boxes are made with MDF wooden structure

There are many collections of presentation boxes and displays that over the years have been created using the ecological and resistant MDF material , which allows the production of completely recycled products or at least 95% recycled.
Our bottom-lid presentation boxes, for example, are 100% eco-friendly because all the rigid side parts of the boxes are made of MDF material. Furthermore, recycled cardboard is used to finalize the upper part of the lid and the lower part of the boxes base, therefore without using newly produced materials.
Hinged boxes can instead be considered 95% recycled considering the fact that it is necessary to apply a hinge which can only be made of metal; at the same time, the surface on which the hinge is applied must be robust and stable, for this reason the wooden part to which the hinge is applied is made of solid, non-recycled fir (but obviously it is possible to recycle it at a later time).
Here below are some examples of jewelery boxes made with MDF material and covered in recycled cardboard.

Our displays are made with MDF wooden structure

Even the production of our displays includes choices that aim at ecology and respect for the environment, thanks to the use of MFD material and recycled cardboard.


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