Two pieces boxes ideal for window display

Two pieces boxes

Two pieces boxes to be displayed in your window

The window of a jewelery shop is a focal point and performs a very important function for which the right exhibitors and in particular elegant two pieces boxes can play a truly strategic role.
Because the window must:
  • first of all intrigue and stop in front of your jewelery walking people;
  • involve and excite so that generic attention becomes interest for the products on display;
  • finally ensure that the potential customer crosses the entrance to ask for information and possibly buy.
You can set up a perfect window by following some indications and 7 decisive moves that can really make the difference:
  1. harmony, a well-made window must above all be tidy and present the collections in a coherent way so that the eye of the beholder immediately finds what he is looking for;
  2. focus on leading products, which must be presented correctly and on time;
  3. balanced quantity, to avoid both overcrowding and a sense of lack of assortment;
  4. lights, to be chosen and directed correctly;
  5. theme, to create an original and recognizable scenography:
  6. innovate and often change the window to catch the customer's attention;
  7. personalized display using the right supports based on the collections to be presented.
The last point, or rather the choice of the right exhibitors, is a crucial element in highlighting the jewels and giving them prominence which can make the difference between a customer who enters the jewelery store and the one who continues on his way.
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There are several solutions to change the shop window often, capture attention, strike the imagination and stimulate the customers' desire to purchase. One of these is the choice of boxes for precious jewels which have the characteristic of being real display boxes.
The two pieces boxes of the Maldive collection are a perfect example of jewelery boxes that can become display stands in a single gesture.
These are presentation boxes in the two pieces version: the lid in particular can be positioned under the box to lift the product and position it in the right perspective.
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Made of satin-effect microfiber in elegant and neutral colours, they can be displayed individually or easily combined with an institutional display.
They also come complete with multipurpose inserts making them ideal as a ring box, earring box and necklace box.
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Each single two pieces box can also be customized with your logo hot stamped on the inside or on the ouside packer's lid that protects the presentation box with the additional touch of class of a sheet of tissue paper.

Two pieces boxes
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