What is meant by brand identity?

Brand identity

Brand identity, expression of the brand personality

The brand identity briefly identifies the personality of the brand and includes all the physical (visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory) and psychological (behavior, character, values ​​of a brand) characteristics that combine to create the image how the brand is known and recognized by people.

Branding means building the brand identity, a decisive and indispensable step to structure a coherent communication strategy that helps to win the trust of your audience, stand out from competitors and emerge with credibility on your reference.

Brand identity or brand image? 

Often the terms "brand identity" and "brand image" are used synonymously although they identify two extremely different concepts:

  • brand identity is how the company wants the brand to be perceived by its customer;
  • brand image, on the other hand, is how the customer sees and perceives the brand. In other words, it is what consumers "feel" about the brand, namely the reputation, the perceived quality, the level of loyalty acquired, etc.

These are two very different levels of evaluation and it is important to make timely checks in this sense with a certain continuity to verify if the perception of your target really corresponds to what the brand wants to communicate about itself.

Brand identity successfully examples

There are brands that manage to evoke an entire world with a simple stroke. There is no need to explain them, just name a few:

  • Nike symbol is enough to tell about movement, speed, dynamism
  • Apple logo is synonymous with technology, design, community
  • the Rolex crown is a status symbol
  • the white writing on a red background of Coca Cola evokes family and fun

Brand identity definition

The recognition and memorability of a brand is a process that occurs naturally in our mind and is stimulated mainly, though not exclusively, on a visual level. The visual identity of a brand is built by defining some elements that make up the brand identity including:

  • naming, that is the definition of the name with which the brand or product is identified
  • the logo, an original graphic representation and an identifying design of the brand
  • colors that express the values ​​and personality of the brand
  • font, i.e. the choice of the typeface and its size
  • images and treatment of the same in all communicative uses in which they will be declined
  • tone of voice, that is the mood with which texts, colors and images are composed
  • below-the-line material, including paper products, letterheads, envelopes, business cards and all the institutional materials that talk about the brand

The brand identity, and in particular its declination in the logo, therefore becomes a distinctive, unique and characterizing element of all the materials that are signed by the brand, primarily those that are in close contact with the product and with the sale.

Respect and protect your brand identity

At this point, the professionalism and experience of those who produce materials and accessories that live in close contact with precious objects such as jewels and watches comes into play:


but also:


Our choice to invest in the purchase of equipment to create your logo internally allows us to guarantee maximum reliability, speed and customization, as well as compliance with agreed times, precision and quality of the result.

We can create your logo with hot stamping or digital printing and we are always able to guarantee the customization of products with the utmost precision and quality of the result in compliance with the institutional colors of each individual brand.

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